Benefits of a Cloud Based PMS - 1

With advancements in technological many hotels are shifting to cloud-based system property management systems (PMS) from the old legacy system. When it comes to PMS, clouds have major advantages over old legacy systems in many areas, cloud PMS are:

  1. Safe: The risk of data loss is minimal and considerably less that office based systems. Data in the cloud is located in secure data centres, on quality hardware located behind secure firewalls, and offers regular automated backups.
  2. Accessible Anywhere: Because the cloud PMS uses the Internet to store information and data, you and your employees can access the information from any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you need to check something after you’ve already left the property for the day, you can easily, and securely, login from your home device.
  3. Economical: Legacy PMS based in your office requires a lot of setup costs and an experienced technician to maintain the server. With a Cloud based system you don't have to worry about hardware or server software.
  4. Integrated Booking Engine: Many systems like RezEasy included a booking engine within the Cloud PMS. Which means that each booking from your website is instantly added to the database and room inventory is updated in real time.

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