Benefits of a Cloud Based PMS - 1

Independent hotels must ensure their hotel operates properly, but some day to day operations are time consuming and can often be put off or forgotten completely. Thankfully, as new hospitality technology emerges, the hotelier’s job continues to get easier. The latest in these tools are the new Cloud based PMS (Property Management Systems).

One of the biggest advantages of these systems is cost. Traditional PMS installations require hardware, software and infrastructure all of which must be maintained and kept up to date. This can make hoteliers reluctant to look for new solutions especially if those solutions require upgraded hardware or operating systems.

Cloud based systems are easily updated by their developers so they are always in line with the latest trends. They do not require expensive in-house hardware and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with internet access. This allows hoteliers to manage their properties even if they are not physically on site.

Cloud based property management services are the ideal tool for hoteliers looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs and stay connected with the changing world of online travel. Switching to a new cloud based PMS can be a hassle, but the benefits of these systems can help turn around a struggling hotel and give the busier hotelier a much needed break.

RezEasy Cloud is a great solution for small and mid-sized hotels that are looking for a PMS that is packed with features but does not cost the earth. It includes an integrated booking engine, agents module, transaction module and has an optional channel manager - all the features most users will require.

Pricing for RezEasy is a one-time fee or per month model based on the number of rooms with a low monthly minimum – the choice is yours.

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