Channel Managers & the Hotel PMS

What are Channel Managers? How does they access your channels? How do they integrate with your hotel property management systems?

Not too many years ago companies started to offer hoteliers the ability to list their property alongside hundreds of other properties within a booking website or channel. This has now exploded to literally hundreds of different channels that your hotel can be listed on. The problem, of course, is management of these channels. In particular ensuring that your hotel has parity across the various channels and double bookings are avoided overbooking.

While this may not seem too daunting if you list on a couple of channels each additional channel brings its own administration area that must be mastered. Being on just a few of the major channels like Expedia,, an Orbitz can be a constant task that needs to be completed several times per day.

Many property management systems now link to Channel Managers like Octorate and Siteminder enabling you to update your rates and availability are in real time. This means that when a reservation is created in your PMS availability is updated on all of the channels where your hotel is listed. Reservations made on the channels are automatically imported into the PMS. This happens automatically without any intervention from hotel staff. You want to change rates, no problem. Rates can be updated across all, or selected, channels. No more overbooking. No more parity issues. No more lost or forgotten reservations that only come to light when a disgruntled guest tries to check in to your hotel.

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